Gingrich holds the answer

My fellow South Carolinians, it’s up to us to change the course of the Republican nomination process.


There is the tendency of voters to jump on the bandwagon, voting for whoever takes the early lead. But in our desire to displace President Obama, we could select a nominee who varies little from Obama.

Only Newt Gingrich has demonstrated the wisdom and courage to lead the restoration of our nation to greatness – even addressing the issues of Christian oppression and of activist judges who routinely overstep there bounds and have usurped the executive and legislative branches of government while no one dares to challenge them or call for their impeachment.

Like Ronald Reagan, who was ridiculed for his bluntness (recall the “evil empire”), Newt calls it as he sees it, and such honesty is essential to effecting change.

Democrats have catered to many special-interest groups, putting conservative voters in the minority. Yet conservatives are maligned more than any other group (no protection of our rights), while our principles that made this nation great are trampled upon. It appears that, generally, it is white conservatives against all others, with blacks being deceived by their self-appointed leaders, keeping them in economic bondage to justify their own positions; and Hispanics appearing to side with other people of color, to their own detriment – as when they overwhelmingly chose Obama over John McCain, who was most sympathetic to their causes.

Of course, a white person cannot make certain statements regarding blacks without being labeled as racist. But where is the racism when nearly 100 percent of black voters vote for a black candidate, such as Obama, when there seems to be no basis but race for that vote? I would like to pose the question to blacks and Hispanics: What has Obama done for you?

D. Michael Taylor

Graniteville, S.C.