Band deserves title rings

I support Burke County High School’s football players and coaches in having their bill for their custom state championship rings paid for. I understand that they are making separate souvenir rings for different groups – cheerleaders, administrators, board members, school employees, etc.


Championship rings for the players and coaching staff are in the works. Coach Eric Parker designed the ring for his players, and the Touchdown Club is offering a commemorative ring with an alternate design for its members to purchase as the ultimate souvenir from the season.

It would be nice to have a separate souvenir to be designed for the band members to mark the memorable season to purchase also, same as the cheerleaders. The bands have had to follow this team from the first day to the last without their funding or help.

Membership in the Touchdown Club is open to all Bear fans and supporters, so any community member who wants to purchase a ring may do so by joining the club. But why would a band member or band booster member join the Touchdown Club when we also support the football team?

I love the football team, too, but I am a proud parent of a band student who supports the band and the football players by coming to the games over the years, buying the things they sell. Now what about the band?

Lily May Butler Lewis




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