Liberal hate beyond belief

I was brought to tears while reading your editorial “Race to the bottom” (Jan. 9). The writer asked if you can get more contemptible. He was referring to disgusting tweets that Bill Maher made after a Denver Broncos loss on Christmas Eve about quarterback Tim Tebow.


Then he went on to tell us what liberal commentator Alan Colmes recently said about Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum in regard to his deceased infant. I could never in my life have put into words how disgusting Colmes is for saying what he said.

I want to thank the writer for saying what he said. It broke my heart to imagine how the Santorums suffered when their baby died. And to have someone like Colmes say those things is beyond belief.

Thank you again for letting your readers know how you feel because we all feel the same way. I will never forget your words.

Pat Tortorello

McCormick, S.C.



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