Support surging Riverhawks

The Augusta Riverhawks have a great hockey team. Last year (their first), they made it to the championship round and had the league’s MVP and Coach of the Year, both of whom are back this year. Currently they are in second place in the league and are having an outstanding year except for attendance at the games.


Hockey is an exciting sport and one that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is not a difficult game to understand, and you can learn about it by attending a few games and, in the process, you will have a lot of fun.

Augusta sports teams such as the Riverhawks and baseball’s GreenJackets provide good entertainment and can unify and benefit the community. The Riverhawks play 28 home games at James Brown Arena, which brings people downtown and provides customers for businesses there. The games keep the arena open on 28 days when it might otherwise be closed, and this provides jobs for many people. This is a win-win situation.

People who own sports teams usually do it because they love the sport and want to help their community. They are not in it to make money and, in actual fact, often lose money. The team and its owner, Bob Kerzner, need your support, which can be provided by attending home games.

The Coliseum Authority and Global Spectrum, which manages the arena, need to support the team, which can be accomplished by negotiating contracts that include, wherever possible, some sharing of income from concessions and parking, as well as a reasonable fee for use of the arena.

If this can’t be done when contract renewal comes up in 2012 and attendance doesn’t improve, I am concerned the team will leave Augusta and we may never get another hockey team. This would be a big loss for the community as well as the Civic Center Complex – in other words, a lose-lose situation.

Please come out to some games and support the Riverhawks. There is nothing like a large cheering crowd to make the team play better. You will have an enjoyable time and may become a hockey fan. Just try it. You’ll be glad you did.

Mike Luxenberg



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