Ron Paul's ideas don't fly

I know that this letter will stick in the craw of many of those who are part of the cult of Ron Paul, but Ron Paul’s ideas don’t work – never have and never will.


Ron Paul is running as a Republican and not a Libertarian. He likes to couch his rhetoric with Libertarian talking points, but let’s be honest, if – and this is huge if – Ron Paul were to ever win the presidency as a Republican, you can bet his administration would find, just as the Obama administration has found, that change in the U.S. system of government doesn’t come in sweeping movements, and that individual actors – even the U.S. president, despite a strong desire – are not capable of creating rapid change.

Paul cannot point to one example of a working libertarian system of government – nor can he point to any system that partially uses libertarian economic theory. That is scary, folks, and it is puzzling why so many seem drawn to his ideas like moths to a flame.

Our political process is not perfect, but until we stop demanding from it what it cannot produce, we will not be able to focus on what is possible, and we will always be upset at what we have. Libertarianism doesn’t work. If you think it does, open your U.S. history books back to the 1890s and read why they called it the Gilded Age.

Also pick up a copy of The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. Do we really want to go back to a day when 8-year-old children were forced to work 15-hour days out of economic necessity? Do we want to go back to a system that allowed free enterprise a free hand in doing what it wants, with only the strongest public outrage serving as a check to their schemes?

I know many here in Georgia grew up learning politics from very conservative parents, and thus have from a very early age self-identified with conservative politics. I know this is why many feel naturally compelled to embrace Ron Paul – he is a conservative; he is safe. All I ask is for you to tune out the slogans and the rhetoric, and do something that you should be doing now – think for yourself.

Just because you believe that pot should be legalized or that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered folks should be free to marry whom they want, doesn’t mean that you have to get on board with a guy who ultimately supports kids working in the coal pits, polluters’ right to pollute and CEOs who act like the robber barons of old.

Shayne Felberg




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