Make Congress even larger

The Constitution sets the maximum number of members of Congress at “one for every thirty thousand.” Assuming a population of 310 million, that sets a cap of about 10,333 members. There currently are 435 members of Congress.


Technology makes it possible to have a greater number of representatives. According to the Census there are about 230 million who are 18 or older. Of these, about 137 million are registered voters. Using 100,000 voters instead of 30,000 people would allow 1,370 members of Congress. This would be a much better representation for the citizens than the average of about 315,000 per member. Since the number of signatures to get on a ballot is a percent of the number to be represented, a smaller number will encourage participation in government.

By more than tripling the number of members, representation should be better and corrupting power is diluted.

Members of the House have reacted not by diluting their power but by expanding their staffs. More members with smaller staffs would be more responsive to us.

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.


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