Writer was wrong on Iraq

Again! On Dec. 26, Lowell Greenbaum espoused his socialist, Marxist leanings (“Obama ended costly war”), just like the one currently in the White House.


If Dr. Greenbaum would recall, Congress approved the invasion of Iraq – both Democrats and Republicans. I applaud our troops. However, their hands were tied by not letting the military do their job without political intervention. When you go to war, you go all-out and destroy all opposition regardless of who gets hurt.

The intelligence at the time said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and other governments believed it, as did the United Nations. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are not responsible for the attempt by President Obama and the Democrats to force communist doctrine on this nation, and I will oppose those attempts.

I am forwarding a letter to my Georgia legislators requesting that a bill of secession be introduced with a provision that only natural-born residents of Georgia be allowed to vote on the measure. Robert Smock’s letter of Dec. 26 (“President is destructive”) was right on the mark as far as the Democrats.

Don Turner


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