Picture ID vital for voters

The U.S. Justice Department rejected South Carolina voter ID law as unconstitutional. They claim it discriminates against the poor and minorities.


I guess it should be unconstitutional for any check-cashing business and bank to require picture ID. I guess it should be unconstitutional for airlines to request picture ID before boarding a plane. By the Justice Department’s argument, the poor and minorities are discriminated against by these practices.

In certain European nations, it is required for all citizens over a certain age to possess a national ID. I know we are not Europe, but these nations must believe it is in their best interest to require citizens to have some form of picture ID.

Voting should be considered an important part of being an American citizen, and every step should be taken to ensure that those who are eligible to vote are properly identified. I am not naïve enough to believe that any voter ID program will prevent all voter fraud, but we should use the ID method to help combat it.

Politicians and civic leaders could work at the local level to ensure that all citizens have a valid picture ID to use for voting, banking or just about any other transaction in which we need to know who the person is.

George J. Weber