Neighborhood goes to dogs

Our neighbors have two basset hounds. We cannot walk out in our driveway or back yard without the dogs howling, barking, growling and trying to get through the fence. They bark and howl incessantly, day and night.


We have asked the neighbors to calm the barking, but they say their dogs don’t bother anyone. We have contacted Columbia County Cares, the sheriff’s department and animal control. No help. The sheriff’s department will go talk to them, but nothing is done.

These dogs are so loud with their howling that they drown out the television. On top of that, their dog house is at the corner of our fence and the odor is horrible. These animals seem to be treated like livestock, not pets. I never see them walked or played with – just locked up in a small yard, hot or cold.

We always had such a quiet neighborhood that it was like living in a peaceful country setting. No more.

Can someone please give me a solution before I go mad? When did common decency cease to exist?

Linda Gregory




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