Help save Postal Service

It breaks my heart to see the U.S. Postal Service in such severe financial trouble. I have a computer, but I still mail my bills and mail lots of packages to help the USPS. They are a part of America’s history.

My mother once said computers were devils. I laughed, but she was wiser than I realized. Look at how many people have been put out of work and are still being put out of work because of computers. They should be for information, not for taking care of business such as paying bills.

People should step up and help save the USPS. Besides, where did the personal touch go? Write a letter to someone you love, not an email. They are worth it, and so is the USPS.

Delvia Streets



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:26

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

Bunker for fiscal soundness