Double standard continues

I enjoyed watching on television this year’s Clemson-South Carolina football game, and found it extra interesting because there were no illegal hits. Then comes the Associated Press, where they advocate that.


On Nov. 25, we read, “Detroit’s best chance to beat the (Green Bay) Packers was to knock (Green Bay quarterback Aaron) Rodgers out of the game, just as it did last year in a victory that started a nine-game winning streak.”

Then we read, “The Lions gave that tactic a shot, hitting him even if he had already gotten rid of the ball. Kyle Vanden Bosch was flagged for one of those late hits and could have drawn another penalty for trying to rough up the star quarterback even more on the same drive.”

Along with the story was an AP photo of quarterback and former University of Georgia star Matthew Stafford being tackled by a Green Bay linebacker. That’s promoting the breakdown of our society.

But if the conservative Tea Party even gathers to protest President Obama’s socialistic spending, Democrat/socialist AP comes to his rescue by condemning the Tea Party, calling them, on Oct. 28, 2010, “a dangerous fringe movement that has taken over the Republican Party” and a “hot-blooded anti-establishment” group. But I thought being “anti-establishment” and breaking the rules was what AP advocated, as they did with the liberal Occupy Wall Street crowd.

While late-hit pain is OK with AP, waterboarding our enemies – who are AP’s friends since they are trying to destroy democracy – is not OK. Why? Because it’s “torture” (Nov. 13), and a “harsh technique” and “an unnecessary violent tactic” (AP, May 2 dispatch).

And AP will decide the re-election of socialist Obama in 2012.

Tom Hunter




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