President is destructive

Democrats and the national media have long protected their own from scandal, particularly scandal of a sexual nature. The Kennedys, Barney Frank and Bill Clinton come to mind. Double standards exist.


I question the credibility of those women accusing Herman Cain, and I smell Democrats behind this story. They are masters of character assassination, and Herman Cain had to be destroyed. The sin? He is guilty of success! He is a self-made black man who did not use the channels prescribed by the Democrat plantation, and he must be made an example of! So, take that Herman! Off you go!

Barack Obama is not a leader, and is conspicuous by his absence at times when leadership is required. Just as well – his “leadership” would take America further in the wrong direction. He is not qualified for any position except community dis-organizer! He has done well at polarizing and dividing this country.

Perhaps that is part of his plan – divide and conquer!

So go play some golf or take another vacation, Mr. President. We’ll do much better without you.

Anyone can see that Obama is Marxist to his soul. In his own mind he is omnipotent and infallible, and needs neither the Constitution nor the Congress, so he subverts them whenever possible. He would rather rule than govern. For many, what he does is of no consequence. The color of his skin is most important.

At age 75, I should not be surprised, but I am disappointed and fearful for this country and future generations. Many of us have spent the better part of our lives defending America. What we successfully defended against, Obama is now trying to impose upon us!

Robert Smock




Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:26

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