Denying Christ imperils us

The holiday message this year is that there is no Christmas, no Christ, no hope and no mercy. Isn’t that what we are being told when there is only a “holiday” tree – that we are not a Christian nation, though our forefathers gave thanks to God, put Christ in their preambles and taught the Bible in schools?


It must just be a holiday season, because our president didn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving message, and will probably forget at this special time, too. Christians are fair game for mockery and disdain when they make public displays of faith. Businesses are open on Easter and Christmas as churches allows the world to push the message of Christ, hope and faith further into the shadows of society.

We accept that others believe differently, but we are treated as an exception to the rule. Other faiths are tolerated, but Christianity must be silenced. If we deny Christ, we deny our national heritage. If we deny Christ, we wait only for dust and darkness of the grave.

If we deny Christ, our laws and rules are worthless words to live by. If we deny Christ, we acknowledge anarchy or socialism is our new path. If we deny Christ, the freedom we enjoy is a myth and enslavement is our future. If we deny Christ, moral integrity will disappear and chaos will reign. If we deny Christ, we deny God and the spiritual void leaves desolation that nothing can fill.

The birth of Christ has been and always will be the greatest event in human history. Who else promises redemption, hope and everlasting life? The next time someone says “happy holidays,” you answer “Merry Christmas.”

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



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