Collectors' image scrapped

After much publicity about metal thieves, I thought I would add my two cents.


Being retired and on Social Security disability, I am one of those “scrap haulers” you see running up and down the road. My issue is that local media seem to take the position that we are all thieves and up to no good. Not only does this give us a bad image, it also makes the public paranoid as if we were all thugs ready to rob them.

Making some extra money during the course of the month helps me out, and keeps me from having to become deeply involved in the number of welfare recipients. When I haul some scrap metal, I always get paperwork signed by the alleged owner or agent, and also take a digital photo of the individual to keep with my paperwork. This is only good common sense.

I’m just asking the media to reconsider just blatantly branding everyone so dramatically. It seems that they are only doing this to sell news and for the shock value of it. I would really love to see a story on someone doing this the right way.

William Miller

North Augusta, S.C.



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