Treat U.S. rich like a queen

Did you see where Parliament froze Queen Elizabeth II’s income? Parliament recently froze the income she receives from her properties at 15 percent every two years until 2015. It was widely reported she will make “only” $32.1 million pounds ($50 million) from her estate for 2010 and 2011.


This should worry everyone! Prince William’s wedding alone cost $60 million! Now she can’t do the same for poor Prince Harry! What’s the world got left to care about if Prince Harry is given an envelope with a little pooled money in it to elope to Vegas because Granny doesn’t have $60 million a year to throw around anymore? Did life just lose all meaning?

I kid. Life still has some meaning. And I haven’t seen a single person of any political persuasion do anything but act sarcastically sympathetic for the queen making “only” $50 million. Indeed, the queen’s “poor” earnings have been a universally bipartisan laughfest, which doesn’t make sense.

If it’s laughable anyone should care the queen
made “only” $50 million, and Parliament is merely being prudent taking 85 percent of her earnings and putting them toward straightening out Britain’s financial problems, why wouldn’t it also be as prudent of our government to tax Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, etc., at 85 percent?

Why is it ridiculous to feel at all sorry for Queen Elizabeth II being taxed at 85 percent, yet tyrannical for our government to do the same thing to people who make as much or more than she does? Why is Parliament so responsible for taxing its queen at 85 percent, but President Obama is branded a fascist-Marxist dictator for daring to ask Congress to raise income taxes 6 percent to a “whopping” 39 percent on America’s equally wealthy?

Well, as with British royal weddings, we appear to have a not-so-laughable love affair with unconscious irony.

Nathan Kirby




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