Give Romney the GOP nod

In my 40-plus years of teaching dental students and graduate students in dental specialties, I have taught more than 60 Mormon dental students and seven dental graduate students. I taught the Mormon dental students at the Marquette University School of Dentistry. Marquette accepted 10 Mormon students each year. The state of Utah paid a substantial portion of the tuition for Utah residents since Utah didn’t operate a school of dentistry.


Each year the 10 Mormon students would end up being the top 10 in the class. They were highly intelligent, strongly motivated and exhibited exceptionally
high moral fiber. The graduate students also were of
the same caliber. As an evangelical Christian and
educator of health professionals, I am proud of each and all.

In the realm of politics, regardless of political affiliation, one can be proud of the career of Sen. Orin Hatch, the record of Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts and of his father as governor of Michigan.

Given the slate of candidates for the Republican nomination, Gov. Mitt Romney is the experienced, tested candidate without any baggage or history of infidelity, immorality or malfeasance in business or government.

His religious orientation offers no threat to acting as chief fiduciary, military and executive officer of the United States. He would be a worthy candidate for the office of president of the United States.

A contest between President Obama and Romney would be on a high moral plain to the benefit of the nation and the world community. Seldom in the history of America has the opportunity existed where men of intellectual standing, moral fiber and executive experience could debate the future of this great nation.

This nation needs, and we each desire, such maturity and moral commitment in the challenging task of governance.

Thomas J. Zwemer




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