Occupy a job and succeed

My sons, ages 26 and 23, left home some time ago to join the “Occupy” movement. They didn’t go to an Occupy Wall Street site in some distant city. Instead, they discovered a new “Occupy” group.


They joined the “Occupy a Job” movement. One occupies a TV production job with a nationally ranked college football program. The other occupies an accounting position at a major medical university. According to their explanation, “Occupy a Job” is relatively easy, has many benefits and fulfills their desire to truly serve humankind.

To occupy a job, all you do is to wear your sharpest clothes, and with a positive, energetic attitude, visit every business in town. You introduce yourself, and inform the owner or manager of all the skills you possess and how, if given the chance to occupy a job, you will perform your best every day.

Also express a willingness to occupy any job the business is willing to share, because if you occupy your job long and work hard enough, you will occupy more important jobs. The greatest thing, though, is that you are serving others.

You may be serving people food, or greeting them at the door. You might help in building cars so parents can have transportation to take their children to school. You may even occupy a job at the school, where you teach children how to occupy jobs for themselves. You could occupy a job in a bank, giving home loans to people, or delivering newspapers.

The possibilities are endless. You will discover that people pay you for occupying a job. You don’t have to survive on donations or soup kitchens, because you can buy and prepare your own meals. Neither do you have to worry about living accommodations. You no longer have to occupy a tarp in a park, or your parents’ basement. You can occupy your own house or apartment, and live how you choose.

More young people need to join the “Occupy a Job” movement. Mine did, and are happy for it.

Robert Lyons




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