Start bettering our schools

As I read an area newspaper’s recent guest commentary by Aiken school board members Keith Liner and Ray Fleming, I could not help but think: All of the do-nothing desk jockeys at the Aiken public school offices must be able to walk on water!


When there are six schools in Aiken County that have been flagged as subpar, why are two of the Aiken County school board members praising the overpaid and underworked do-nothings at the board office on Brookhaven Drive when the improvements at North Augusta Middle School are only a drop in the bucket for the needs of Aiken County schools?

When North Augusta’s two school board members are singing the praises of this bunch of do-nothings – especially when North Augusta High School was one of the six schools that were flagged as substandard – that angers me, and it should anger everyone in Aiken County!

There are two main reasons why I refer to the Aiken County school administration as do-nothings. First, I absolutely do not believe that anyone in the school system deserves more than $75,000 when there are schools that are substandard! I will encourage the hiring committee to either renegotiate or release anyone who does not agree to a lower salary!

Second, I do not believe that there is not some federal or state funding that can be accessed to upgrade schools that are overcrowded, unhealthy and unsafe! Perhaps the upper crust at Brookhaven should earn their overpaid salaries by phoning, emailing, Facebooking, tweeting, snail-mailing and/or using carrier pigeons to the do-nothings in Columbia, S.C., and Washington, D.C., about our school needs!

Timothy Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta, S.C.


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