Firing is a disappointment

As I read the article in the paper a few days ago about the sex assault at Augusta YDC and reached the part where John Brady, the campus director, had been fired, I winced with discouragement.


I worked for years as a teacher at Augusta YDC and saw Mr. Brady in action. I am not out there now, but can share what I observed then.

John Brady had a heart for what he was doing there. He was out to make a difference. He was innovative in positive initiatives for the kids; had the respect of the staff and boys alike; and was always firm, fair and consistent.

You can tell when someone’s motives and methods are genuine, and his always were. I don’t ever remember going to an after-school event, a chapel event or any special event when he wasn’t there. I developed a great respect for him after seeing his day-to-day walk professionally and not being afraid to get in the trenches.

I don’t know how things are now at Augusta YDC, but somehow I think Mr. Brady is the same as he was in years past. He was the director at Augusta YDC since it reopened as a state institution in 2004. He retired from that not long ago to pursue work helping troubled kids as a psychiatric nurse. He was recalled back to Augusta YDC to help with the mounting problems there.

Mr. Brady is a person who is usually a part of the solution instead of part of the problem, so I view his firing as an instance where someone had to “take one for the team.”

Mike Hale




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