Dog grasped compassion

I recently witnessed a video on the Internet that was so compelling that I had to comment.


I suppose the cruel death of helpless kittens placed in a bag, and dropped off in the middle of a busy road, is nothing but a thimbleful of water in an ocean of human cruelty perpetrated every day on a monumental scale. This comment is not about the heinous act, but an effort to reflect on the capacity for compassion displayed by an unlikely source.

You see, a dog discovered the bag, which had two remaining crying kittens alive out of a litter that was crushed to death. The dog dragged the bag back to its owner, and howled until the owner opened the bag to discover the gruesome contents. The good news from this was that the remaining kittens were rescued and nursed back to health.

What I wish to reflect upon is that a dog – who knows nothing about the origins of the universe; creation of cultures through a variety of music, art, dance, poetry, religion; or great civilizations – understood the necessity for compassion. That dog wasn’t motivated by the prospect of doing the right thing so it might get a ticket to heaven. The totally altruistic act by an animal who understands the connectivity of all precious life is truly something to ponder.

With all our perceived greatness, human beings may have proved the capacity for being the lowest animals in the food chain. We are truly a lost, pathetic species.

Rodney Hindrew




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