Society's violence rising

Your editorial “In defense of self-defense” (Dec. 7) was compelling. More compelling, however, were the 100-plus comments that followed in your online edition.


People are increasingly concerned about their safety, and rightly so. Crime is rampant is our fair city. Reports of murders, robberies and other crimes appear daily in The Augusta Chronicle. The Richmond County jail is filled to capacity.

I was shocked and amazed at the number who are carrying guns, something that I have never considered. Maybe I should, but I doubt that at my age I would be quick enough to draw a hidden weapon to deal with an attack, and would end up being shot with my own weapon. I will confine my weapons to my home.

What is causing this uptick in crime? Unemployment, certainly. Greed, too. The primary cause, however, is an entitlement mind-set in which we have our government paying babies to have babies. The babies are then cast into the streets as soon as they can walk to fend for themselves, and mama gets pregnant again.

It is a vicious circle, and as long as we have voters who send the same crowd back to Washington year after year, things will get no better.

We have an opportunity in 2012 to correct some of the problems, but my hopes for that are pretty slim. As long we have 47 percent of tax filers not paying federal income tax and have no skin in the game, the chances are slim that we will throw the bums out.

Carleton L. Duvall




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