War on Christmas is real

If the fundamental bases from which we think are faulty, our conclusions will be faulty. Shayne Felberg’s letter “There’s no war on Christmas” (Dec. 4) is a good example. After stating there is no war on Christmas, she proceeds to call Christmas a myth.


Then she contradicts herself even more by saying that Christmas should not be celebrated in public institutions such as schools or by governments – yet these two institutions are doing much of the battling against Christmas.

The First Amendment to the Constitution reads: “Congress shall make no law (get it, no law) respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The statement is clear! But the liberal judges who passed this rule of “church and state” were confused as to what this statement meant, because their fundamental basic thinking was faulty – or was it a personal agenda they were following, like attacking Christians and perhaps Christmas? Forbidding the manger scene comes to mind.

Getting back to Christmas, if it is a myth then the whole Jewish nation is a myth, because the story of Christmas began in its history when God promised them a Messiah would come, and He is Yeshua.

As far as America being a Christian nation, look up the preambles of several states’ constitutions and you will find that the people give thanks to God for His blessing upon their states.

Marry Christmas, everyone.

Gil Ward




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