Movements differ vastly

Thank you for printing Henry Rockwood’s letter (“Occupiers want fairness,” Nov.25). I now know how clouded minds perceive the current situation. Does he honestly see just “a few kooks” as a common thread to these movements?


Puh-leez! The Tea Party has a message and a prudent political strategy. Furthermore, Tea Partiers don’t defecate, fornicate or execrate in public. If a cop is anywhere present, he’s hard to find, even after hours of speeches, music, food and caucusing.

Didn’t Henry notice defiance, tear gas, handcuffed bodies being dragged to jail, barricades, police weaponry, pepper spray, violence and traffic obstruction? I can’t begin to describe the contrast between Occupier protests and Tea Partiers’, to say nothing of the fact that Tea Partiers go home and schedule future meetings.

Erecting pup tents, makeshift bedding and pot distribution centers, while defying policemen’s orders and refusing to depart downtown USA, are insane methods of “restoring faith in America.” Such self-absorbed protesting to a Tea Partier is as unfathomable as President Obama doing something besides campaign.

Can Henry accept this well-researched tenet of human nature: If all the wealth in the world were evenly distributed, within months, the amounts would be unevenly dispersed? Why? Because the highly motivated will have created products the others want. Incentive is not evenly distributed.

Government regulations are supposed to protect society from serious threats. Is getting rich a serious threat? I thought it was the American Dream.

Entitlements? Now there’s a disbursement problem!

The kicker is that Tea Partiers protest for free! Some Occupiers are paid and provided for! Their muddled “cause” smacks not of “fairness” but of the greed they’re protesting. Cheers for freedom!

A healthy America is based on voluntary compliance with laws approved of by its people. The Occupiers represent George Soros’ window of opportunity to slay that principle.

Pam Shumway

McCormick, S.C.



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