Fight to save post office

At 6 p.m. Dec. 6 at Rocky Ford City Hall, the U.S. Postal Service will dispatch a “post office review coordinator” to town to look at us and consider our review as to their decision of closing our 142-year-old post office.


Can you imagine that?

The post office has lasted through dim lantern lights, no Ma Bell, the mule and plow, the horse and buggy, General Sherman and his buddies, boll weevils and kudzu. Now here we are, all modern and computerized, and Congress and the U.S. Postal Service can’t keep one historical post office open.

The Postal Service says this is necessary for its budget. The cause of all this is simply incompetence and hard-handed politics and it sucks because the potential closing of more than 3,600 small-town and rural post offices would save a whopping 1.2 percent of their multibillion-dollar operating budget, while they are paying out $5.5 billion annually to the “future” pension plans for the unions. Without these future pension plan payments – which were forced upon the Postal Service by our brilliant Congress – all this would be unnecessary.

After four months of perseverance and determination to find the facts, the truth – when you get it – is ugly as homemade sin.

However, in true Southern defiance, we folks shall stand against Washington and their big ideas. Their actions are simply going to hurt folks and they don’t seem to care. We are still waiting for a return call from our congressman. Washington and Congress don’t care that our Mr. C. is legally blind and can’t drive, nor has a computer like President Clinton and his sidekick Al Gore said we all had to have. Mrs. H. feels comfortable behind the wheel for a few blocks but not on a 20-mile stretch for a stamp. Mr. L. can’t sign a check because he doesn’t have a bank account. He handles his bills with money orders from the post office.

These bureaucrats don’t have a clue as to distance or our way of life down here. They haven’t been here. They don’t care.

So, as this battle continues, on Dec. 6 I hope and pray with all my heart that everyone who does read this newspaper will get up off their “convenient position,” and come and join this town in the fight and let your voices be heard or just your presence be known – for citizens everywhere who are seeing their precious traditions threatened and, in many cases, removed.

Greta Newton

Rocky Ford


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:26

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