Playoff game was class act

The Burke County High School Bears’ high-school AAA playoff game vs. the Allatoona Buccaneers was classy – very classy.


If you want to see how a good American high school football game should be done, head over to Waynesboro and watch the Burke Bears play.

First, traffic control was efficient and orderly for arrival and departure. The stadium was full on both sides of the field. The band was sequestered to a designed area at the corner of the field. Everyone stood for a prayer – yes, a prayer – that was meaningful for the game. I felt pride for our country when all spectators placed their hands over their hearts, hats removed, while standing in complete silence while the band played the national anthem.

The home crowd was pumped and their cheers were deafening, but every fan I came in contact with was polite and displayed the friendliness that one would expect down south. The game was hard-fought but played clean with no showboating. Fans did not loiter all around the stadium. I wondered why it couldn’t be this way all around the CSRA.

I was somewhat mystified by the fans when they kept chanting “TEEEBOW! TEEEBOW!” – especially since I am a University of Florida fan. I asked a fan sitting next to me who they were referring to, and he said it was their quarterback Corey Mayton, who seemed to will his team to victory and ran hard in the same manner as Tim Tebow.

It was American Football Friday Night at its best. Well done, BCHS Bears! You have a great team with a rock-solid defense.

Burke County should also be proud of their citizens because they, too, are a class act. Oh yes, did I say that I played for the DCHS Bears? That’s Dixie County, Fla. I had to go when I found out the Bears were playing.

J.D. Wiggins

Johnston, S.C.



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