Parents, feed your children

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal wrote in the Nov. 24 Augusta Chronicle about his concern for childhood hunger in Georgia and across America (“Georgia steps up with initiatives to ensure no child is hungry”). Many others have brought up the topic, and there are ads on television asking for donations to feed America’s hungry children.


I guess people believe children really are carried to us by storks, so after the stork flies away, there is no one to feed the children. Actually, children must have a mother and a father to get here. Those two people produced a child, and those two people are responsible for feeding, clothing and rearing that child into becoming a responsible, resilient person who is capable of taking care of himself or herself.

Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, and there are children who are born with special needs or with parents who are struggling to get by. Such children deserve our help – but not millions of American children. The millions of hungry American children are the result of both parents not doing right by their own offspring. They know it. You know it. Deal knows it.

But instead of moms and dads feeling the pressure of society to feed, clothe and rear their children, our government taxes all citizens to collect money to do for the children. This is wrong. You know it. All moms and dads know it, too, because all parents know they are responsible for the children they bring into this world.

The fact that so many moms and dads don’t rear their children is because they know Uncle Sam will collect money from taxpayers to rear their children for them (taxpayer-paid school lunches, welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, paid child care, etc.).

If Deal and the rest of our elected government representatives would enact policies (not taxpayer-paid programs, but actual policies!) that promoted moms and dads raising their offspring together, there wouldn’t be millions of hungry American children to worry about feeding.

Steve R. Smith




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