Boost parental engagement

Perhaps you should consider publishing an Associated Press article by Seanna Adcox published in another area paper. Hopefully, Aiken County will take heed of, and act on, the article – most importantly, the part about parental engagement. Further, you may want to publish it as part of an editorial from you to the Richmond County schools superintendent and the non-engaged parents.

The article is about Spartanburg’s Arcadia Elementary School and its success rate with underprivileged, non-English-speaking pupils who live in poverty. The part that should be highlighted is parental engagement. I believe that is what is missing in today’s schools – especially a parent’s engagement, not some aunt or grandmother. Notice, if you will, that the school isn’t waiting for a government handout or other giveaway to make their program a success.

What I really expect is that you will just discard this, and let things continue as they are in Richmond County. For shame.

Richard Wilson

Aiken, S.C.

Requested story

While the story mentioned in the letter above has not been published in the Chronicle, it can be found online here:

Spartanburg school excelling despite challenges



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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