Writer off-base on athletes

Robert Ringer misses the point completely when talking about the deification of athletes (“Penn State problems goes back to the deification of athletes,” Nov. 17). The broader issue comes down to money.

An athletic scholarship is sometimes the only way a high-school student can afford the rising cost of higher education. Should we punish people who are athletically talented? It is ridiculous that Ringer assumes that those receiving athletic scholarships are not grade-qualifying students.

Transplanting Ringer’s scenario, a mediocre musician with excellent grades should get a scholarship to Juilliard instead of a virtuoso.

Is he assuming that those college students who attend games are not focusing on their education? I would say they are participating in the college experience. And to paint everyone who enjoys college athletics as mindless is insulting.

I’m guessing this motivational speaker won’t be invited to any locker rooms for pre-game pep talks anytime soon.

Scott Rouch



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