Augusta levee is needless

We don’t need the levee in downtown Augusta. I looked at data from the U.S. Geological Survey on Savannah River floods, which has figures going back to the 1700s. The record flood in 1796 was 40 feet above sea level. In the 1800s the yearly floods averaged 30.5 feet, the highest being 38.7 feet. In the 1900s floods averaged 25.6 feet, the highest being 45.1 feet.

But since the dams were built upstream, the average highest water level for the years since 1960 has been 20.5 feet, with the highest at 24.16 feet. Normally the Savannah River in Augusta averages below 16 feet above sea level, making the highest flood since 1960 4.5 feet.

For this, we have to have an unnecessary levee that both obstructs our view of the beautiful river and stifles economic development. Every other city has developed its downtown waterfront. Why not us? Call the mayor and Augusta Commission and ask them about the vision thing.

Thomas Swift, M.D.



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