Beware of deadly excess

All of us want to make a difference in our society. We want our children to have a better life. We are not afraid to work hard whether it is digging a ditch or removing an appendix. We need that chance to strive.


When we eat too much, we get too fat. If this continues, the fat will kill us. The warm feeling given to us by the mulled wine at Christmas or getting drunk on New Year’s Eve bring mostly good feelings, but we know that when we use alcohol in excess it will kill us.

Most good things taken to excess because of our addictions will kill us. Anything in excess – be it sex or the pursuit of wealth, if done in excess – will kill us.

Leading an endeavor such as a corporation to success is a good thing.

The laws of our nation protect all people mostly from one another and provide equal justice. As is human nature, the feeling that “might makes right” and the need to strive caused things like mill towns (a form of slavery), an increase in inequality and the creation of a new form of aristocrat above the law.

This excess will kill us as a nation, and we will cease to exist while cheering our new royalty.

Mike Ferguson




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