Don't impose on veterans

I’m not surprised that the government is trying to take away the medical benefits they promised the veterans. Now veterans are in the crosshairs of the administration and the supercommittee.


Veterans’ benefits are about to be taken from under them because the federal government keeps mismanaging the nation’s resources. They will try to explain why they need to do this to balance the budget, but what they will never explain is how they have mismanaged the nation’s wealth.

I have a few suggestions. How about completely cutting off foreign aid, especially to those countries that blame the United States for their every ill? Let us stop all the pork that is in every bill passed by Congress and signed by the president for projects for which the government has nothing to show. How about stopping welfare subsidies for all kinds of industries? If a business fails, let it fail. If there is a demand for that product, someone else will produce it.

That’s what the free market is about, just like the forefathers envisioned.

The administration should stop trying to stimulate the economy, wasting billions in the process. What does the government have to show for it? Nothing – and the administration is still claiming it has been a success.

So with all the mismanagement from our government and the squandering of the nation’s wealth, who will the administration and supercommittee ask to bail them out again? Yes, the veterans. A lot of these veterans have injuries and illnesses that they suffer with for the rest of their lives. They have spent years away from their families, putting their lives in harm’s way, and now the administration and supercommittee are willing to take away what was promised to them just because they cannot manage the country.

I say vote every single one of these individuals out of office and vote in people who can and want to do the right thing.

Benjamin Montanez Jr.

North Augusta, S.C.



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