Book's tone inappropriate

I was part of an upsetting incident at the Columbia County Library recently.


I ran into a friend of mine who was spending time with her two young grandchildren. While downstairs with her in the adult section, her young grandson picked up a brightly colored and illustrated small hardback book to look at. My friend happened to see the name and became very upset that such a book was on display where a child could read it. The book is called Go the (Expletive) to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach. The word is repeated over and over along with other words and phrases that are not something you want to hear anybody you respect saying.

Is this book funny? No. Is there any redeeming or literary value in this book? No. The tone of this book is disparaging, mean-spirited and nasty. I’m thankful I live in a country with freedom of speech. A citizen has the right to write and publish this book. And another citizen has the right to buy this book and support this author. But should our tax dollars be used to buy this book and support this foulmouthed author? No, no, no.

Should our local library contribute to the downward moral spiral of our society? No.

Ruth Hanneman




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