Occupy movement ruinous

The promise of America has always been that you can be as successful as your ingenuity, ambition and energy will take you.


The view America is getting from the media of the movement called Occupy Wall Street is colored by the media’s left-leaning bias. They portray these demonstrators as normal American citizens who are simply outraged at the wealth of achieving individuals. Perhaps a few demonstrators are genuine, but the rest are Marxists, anarchists, communists or all the above!

Their mission is to destroy capitalism, plain and simple. They are all part of an international movement intent on doing just that. A recent poll conducted among these demonstrators finds that most are politically motivated; have been involved in demonstrations before; and all but 15 percent are employed! Some who are announcing support for them are the Communist Party USA, the American Nazi Party, the Iranian government, the government of Venezuela, the University of London Marxist Society, the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the president of the United States!

This movement is being financed by George Soros, an archenemy of America; by the former organization ACORN; and by labor unions. Advertising in New York City for persons to join the demonstrations, they offer a salary of $350 to $600 per week, while in Chicago, they are paying $22 per hour plus overtime! To be accepted for employment the only criteria is a person must be articulate and confrontational.

Our president seems more than pleased to pit one group of Americans against another. In his community organizer mode, he arranged similar protests in 1988, so now he winks at them and offers his support in an effort to further divide the country!

Robert Smock




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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