Keep James as fire chief

Interim Augusta-Richmond County Fire Chief Chris James has the education, credentials and qualifications to serve as fire chief in any major U.S. city. Therefore, this smart, intelligent, articulate, committed and dedicated gentleman should be appointed to be the permanent fire chief for Augusta-Richmond County.


Actually, it would be a total disgrace for our community if the county commissioners, city administrator, and mayor overlook Mr. James and hire someone from the outside who doesn’t have any connection to our community.

Mr. James has been an employee for the fire department for many years, and he has witnessed the good, bad and ugly actions that have transpired over the years within the fire department. What better person to have as a fire chief than someone in leadership who would elevate this organization to a higher level of competency, and not someone who has been a part of the good-ol’-boy system of nepotism?

As our next fire chief, Mr. James would be in a position to implement a positive agenda for this fire department to become one of the best in our nation. It really doesn’t make sense to waste local tax dollars for a nationwide search for a fire chief when the most effective and competent individual is temporarily holding down this position.

If our local government officials don’t select Mr. James as the permanent fire chief, these individuals would validate my belief that they’re the ones responsible for Augusta being stagnant and non-progressive.

E. Maner



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