Occupiers are hypocrites

I am writing concerning the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street (and their affiliated) protesters.


First, look at their selectivity. If a state has a Republican governor, notice the protesters circle the statehouse or capital buildings. If Democrat, they occupy the financial district of a capital city. Bigger cities, they tend to occupy the financial districts – usually associated with the big companies.

Still, all this occupying seems inconsistent, even when not looking at party affiliations in leadership. Take, for instance, our president’s support of using taxpayer dollars to bail out the financial industry and support private companies (such as green technology companies and the like), yet these folks seem to rail against Republicans with disdain but do not make damning public statements against the president anywhere near as much?

Lastly, most of these Occupiers are fans of Apple. They love their Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads and MacAirs, but they do not have an Occupy protest organized around, near or against Apple and its headquarters. This company became bigger than ExxonMobil last year. Its profits outpaced two of its closest competitors. I sense favoritism here by the Occupiers.

In reality, the OWS protestors are a politically organized movement developed by the unions and the administration to offset the news and the effect from the Tea Party. Starting it now will ensure that The New York Times has better things to report than anything that comes out of the Tea Party camp.

In this way, no news from the Tea Party ensures they become a non-issue in the upcoming election. We will see if they can maintain the spark without any accomplices in the media. The administration, Democrats and liberals are betting they cannot.

Will Tinney

Aiken, S.C.


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