'Chronicle,' Rubio off base

Reading your Oct. 29 editorial relating to the senator from Florida, Marco Rubio (“Does Marco Rubio cause cancer?’), I thought either you were misinformed or you have a biased political agenda. Issues such as Mr. Rubio’s twisted saga must be thoroughly investigated. Now to the facts.


Like hundreds of thousands of Cubans, Mr. Rubio’s parents fled the island in the late 1950s, most of them escaping from the bloody Batista regime (something their son should be proud of); but oddly enough he never mentioned his mother’s return to Cuba in 1961, at a time Fidel Castro already pompously declared “his Marxism-Leninism since he was born.”

Months later, Mrs. Rubio came back to Miami. Obviously what really disturbed Mr. Rubio was the thought of his mother being in favor of the Cuban Revolution, like millions of Cubans were at that time. And by the way, the news of his mother’s return to Cuba was published nationwide. The bottom line is that Mr. Rubio purposely ignored this particular part of family history for obvious reasons.

Finally, I believe Mr. Rubio is ignorant of Cuba’s history, and I don’t think he knows the one of his adopted country either.

Being a serious newspaper, you should correct your editorial, reporting actual events.

Joaquin Godoy

Aiken, S.C.



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