Nation must cut freebies

Problems in Europe are coming here! If this country and especially our elected officials don’t toughen up and make some hard choices, we are in for a mess in the next few years,


The reason Greece – soon to be Spain and others – is in trouble is because it set up too many freebies for its citizens, and now it wants to pull out the pacifier. You know what happens when you pull one out of a baby’s mouth – it fusses. Now try that on grown adults. They fuss and bite back hard! Look at protests going on in this country. This is nothing compared to what will happen if we don’t get a grip on it now!

No unemployment compensation after June 2012. That will force folks to get jobs – maybe not what they want, but too many folks are living off us taxpayers and are lazy.

Next, starting in January 2013, if you get pregnant, you pay for it – not taxpayers. This also means no more free food vouchers or food stamps. We are sick and tired of paying for freebies.

Then, all cities’ rapid-transit will not be subsidized by state or federal money starting in 2014. They will have to raise their rates or shut down. No more taxpayer money for discount transportation.

Burt Sappenfield

Parksville, S.C.



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