Cain lacking credibility

I can now tell when Herman Cain is lying. His lips are moving.


In the “he said, they said” debacle, it is clear Cain cannot handle adversity. The recent verbal attacks Cain and his supporters have launched against his victims, of what appears more akin to sexual assault than harassment, makes it less likely women will report such actions. He hopes to shut up the other women. Herman Cain wears the accusations as a badge of honor on the talk shows.

Cain claimed there probably are 1,000 women who could vouch for his character and integrity for each accuser. As of this writing, only his wife has come forward to say Cain would not ever do such a thing. In piecing together various reports from a half-dozen people – four victims and two witnesses – it is apparent Cain is a serial skirt-chaser.

The upside to all of this is the irony that white conservative males believe a black man over the accusations of multiple white women. Atticus Finch would have been so proud. The idea that Democrats are behind trying to bring down the one man they are certain Obama can beat makes Cain’s accusations a fantasy.

Cain’s checkered past, as well as his lack of knowledge on any given topic outside of pizza toppings, will make him unable to beat Obama. He has lost the middle and the women’s vote.

The Republican Party needs someone able to beat Obama. Cain is not able.

Michael Ledo

Windsor, S.C.



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