Retain great trash service

I’ve lived here in Summerville for more than three decades, and I was pleased when our less-than-stellar garbage pick-up service was replaced about 10 years ago with the competent one we have now.


Recently, we learned that this outfit is being underbid for this contract by two other outfits that both have a documented record of poor service and accountability, and this is cause for concern here.

Who decides which outfit is selected to serve as our garbage pick-up contractor? Are they going to make this decision based on performance, or are they just going to pick the one that comes along and underbids the current contract? Well, we’ve seen it all before.

As a customer and resident, the cost to me is the same. The difference is the level of service. The folks we have now do a fine job of it, and I’d hate to see things return to “the bad old days” around here. Those folks in their white trucks also serve nearby Harrisburg and National Hills, and I’m sure folks there will have a similar song to sing for you about them as I do. They are above and beyond.

We remember how things used to be in Harrisburg. Stuff sat at curbs, and its alleys were choked with trash and yard debris. Not anymore they aren’t. Here in Summerville, as long as things are in compliance with a few rules, it’s off of my curb and away. Who could ask for more than that ?

So, yes., some outfit coming along and underbidding the current fixer to scoop its domain would be a shame – now that we’ve finally got an outfit that is a performer.

I hope whoever makes this decision will take all of this into consideration.

Randy Potter




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