Editorial unfair to Paterno

When I saw the editorial about Joe Paterno and his possible role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal (“Out of bounds,” Nov. 9), I thought The Augusta Chronicle was going to compare what was happening to Paterno to what is happening to Herman Cain and condemn the “trial by media.” Instead, I see that The Chronicle has become part of the problem.


You could have focused on Sandusky, condemning his vile acts. You could have written about the state attorney general’s mishandling of the case and how it could result in the victims not receiving justice. You could have criticized the people identified in the grand jury report as knowing about Sandusky, but who did nothing.

Instead you choose to criticize Joe Paterno for not doing enough.

The truth will come out when Jerry Sandusky or the two university officials who have been charged are brought to trial. But why wait for that? Who needs a legal system when so many are eager to step up and pass judgement?

The cult of victimhood demands that someone be blamed, and The Chronicle is there to point the finger.

Greg Szymik

Aiken, S.C.



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