Old accusations dredged up

It seems women are coming out of the woodwork now after Herman Cain. While I am a Cain supporter, that part is irrelevant. Whether he is guilty or not guilty is not the object of this letter.


What I fail to understand is how the American public can be so gullible. Whether they are Republicans or Democrats, when these types of accusations arise, it is always when the accusing party is feeling threatened in its position. Every time there is talk of stress and trauma – yet, always, none of these are current events; they supposedly happened years ago. Now, all of a sudden, they are relevant and fresh.

It doesn’t matter which party – Americans should pay attention to the ways their own parties try to sling mud and brainwash them.

Surely sexual harassment is a serious thing – but so is the sexual incident in the Clinton White House that the Democrats so readily pushed under the rug.

If these accusers were so traumatized by Mr. Cain, why were they not at the forefront before now? Sexual harassment cases are one of the court system’s priorities. Charges, penalties and punishment should have been taken care of years ago – if they were legitimate.

William Miller

North Augusta, S.C.



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