Who considers Bible God?

Lt. Col. Mark Thompson’s remarks in his Oct. 29 column (“Too many people turn Bible into God”) require, if not demand, a response.


First, I have never heard or known of anyone, religious or otherwise, who refers to the Bible as God. It could be that some atheistic mind that objects to Bible lovers may imagine that the Bible is considered to be God, but that is very unrealistic. I think little Sunday school children know that the Bible is not God!

On the other hand, the Bible stands alone. We do not have the right to pick and choose the parts we like and ignore the parts we don’t like. It is because the men of the cloth have wrongly divided the word of God and presented a social gospel that humanity does not know – right from wrong, good from evil and God from Satan.

Lt. Col. Thompson’s submitting that we should not worry about heaven or hell was not necessary. One can easy tell from the crime, corruption, lying, cheating and sinful behavior that our society is not worried at all about heaven and hell. Maybe we need to hear more about it from the pulpit. It is in the Bible!

Also, his use of the verses of Scripture saying everyone will someday kneel before Christ is true. The only difference is, some will not like to do so.

Gil Ward


Too many people turn Bible into God


Tue, 11/21/2017 - 23:52

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