We need loser-pays in court

The frivolous class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart by greedy trial lawyers routinely was thrown out by the high court. Here is the opportunity to emulate British law as the Texas trial lawyers stuff their pockets with millions – they will have to pay all court costs of the accused if they lose.


As you know, trial lawyers are the second-biggest contributors to Democratic politicians, and that’s why the rich Democrat-lites in Congress have blocked the states from improving the civil justice system. Many manufacturers have been forced out of business and/or driven offshore partly because of these punitive laws. Never mind the employees. Most of our economic competitors in other countries have a protective law such as “loser pays.”

Why is Texas called the best state for job creation? Are Georgia lawmakers motivated to pursue this plan?

This present hatred of super millionaires by the anti-Wall Street groups during this continuing economic crisis and high unemployment is understandable when they see the excesses among Wall Street insiders, etc. Most people are economically clueless about the capitalist system, and they have been left behind by a flawed education system to understand it.

Remember one historic fact: Downtrodden and clueless people are easily manipulated by a strong leader or dictator to follow a radical and violent path. A strong and educated middle class can keep a country healthy.

Siegfried von Schweinitz




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