Public tribute was touching

As law enforcement officers, we deal mainly with a segment of society who think we are the enemy. Unfortunately, we lose sight of the fact that not all people feel that way.


The public outpouring of love for slain Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy James D. Paugh, and support for the law enforcement community, has had a profound effect on me and many other police officers. It was an incredible showing, and has given the law enforcement community a renewed sense of purpose.

I know it has helped lessen a terrible blow to his family. J.D.’s death was untimely, sad and tragic. Was it a waste? No. J.D. stood and fought when a lesser man would have fled. At least one person and perhaps more are alive today who might not have been.

The entire law enforcement community has seen a public that loves and supports them! We needed that, and I personally want to thank every person who attended the funeral and lined the streets for J.D. You have performed a service to us that was more important than you will ever know.

Greg Smith



(The writer is a Columbia County sheriff’s deputy.)



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