Uninformed or just naive?

While you will get no argument from me on the sins of Wall Street – there are Wall Street bankers and investors who deserve to be in prison – many Occupy Wall Street protesters seem to be uninformed about capitalism.


If the United States had a true capitalist economy, government bailouts would never happen. In true capitalism, businesses sink or swim – no life jackets are available.

If OWS protesters are sincere in opposing crony capitalism, they should be in Lafayette Park protesting in front of the White House and marching on the Capitol.

If you have seen the violence in Oakland, Calif., you can see that there is more to this than opposition to Wall Street and capitalism. If some of these Oakland protesters think they live in a police state – as Moveon.org would like you to believe – then maybe they should move to North Korea, Cuba, Iran or Syria. How quickly they would want to return to the United States. And I have not seen any tanks arriving to disperse the protesters.

If the OWS protesters want income redistribution, start with the Hollywood crowd, professional athletes and Washington lobbyists. Then move on to Microsoft, Google and Apple – all of which made their wealth through capitalism and providing things the consumer wants.

But this does not fit the agenda of those pulling the strings. The puppetmasters know that most OWS protesters, besides being frustrated, are naïve, uninformed and perhaps brainwashed by recent college education.

George J. Weber



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