Why don't they reach out?

Another presidential debate has come and gone. As you can see, they went at each other, and who can make the other guy or gal look bad is what they do.


This is exactly why nothing gets done in this country and what is wrong with politics. Not only do Republicans and Democrats try to make themselves look good or make the other guy look bad just to get a vote, but once they have their position nothing gets done for the American people.

Why? Because to stay in that position after the elections, they must still make the other guy or party look bad. How? If the Republicans come up with a good idea the Democrats will say it’s a bad idea, and it works faithfully the other way. As long as they make the other party look bad it’s OK. Politicians will describe how bad the idea is with their own spin based on their agenda. Remember, they both do it.

Where does this leave the American people? Nowhere. Politicians of both parties have let the American people down on every issue we face because they are too busy trying to make the other guy look bad. You can take any issue and see that politicians are there for themselves, to stay in power, and we the voters keep them in power to make decisions for us. They have let us down on immigration, economy, education, crime, and any other issue you want to add to this list. They do not come together and do the right thing for the American people. Why? Because it is a two party system that knows that very few politicians get voted out of office, so they play politics with every issue. Let’s not forget that these are career politicians, so this is a job for them; in other words, this is what they do for a living. Doing what is right for the American people is not on their radar screen; just getting elected is.

The brightest people in America are not politicians. Why don’t politicians seek their advice to make America better? Take the economy for example. Why don’t politicians look at history and see when the economy was thriving and what policies made it work then? They could look at the writings of Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winner on economics, or people still here with us like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and many others. These gentlemen are economic intellectuals. They could help with policies, but yet politicians ignore these people and you can see where our economy is.

I played Little League baseball, but that doesn’t mean I know baseball like a major-leaguer – not even close. Same with politicians. They probably took a few courses on economics in college, but that doesn’t mean they know economics. They know more about making the other guy look bad than they know about economics.

Benjamin Montanez Jr.

North Augusta, S.C.


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