Don't bug fun-loving teens

I am sick to death of teenagers being treated like second-class citizens. And don’t even try to lump the good in with the bad – I know the difference as well as anyone.


My 19-year-old has the exact same right to enjoy the Evans library and park as any adult who happens to use the same area at the same time. If an “adult” is intimidated by four or five teenagers sitting under a pavilion, then that adult should stay home where he or she won’t feel endangered!

God forbid teenagers have a place to go to talk, relax and maybe enjoy a laugh or two. Horrifying thought, isn’t it?

The sheer number of adults who cannot tolerate teenagers in the park is so great that many police officers answering calls of complaints actually apologize to the teens when asking them to relocate. Officers know the trouble-makers from the kids who just want to hang out, but they have to satisfy the paranoid complainants who won’t be happy until their own personal sense of entitlement is fulfilled.

So the kids are more mature than the complaining adults, by vacating when they know they’ve done nothing wrong!

If you see a group of teens breaking the law, call the cops. If you see a group of kids having fun, do yourself a favor and see if you can join them! Otherwise, get a treadmill. I’m out of excuses for you sorry individuals who think you are entitled to jog the track without being distracted by anything or anyone.

I suppose the same “entitled” few will try to keep teenagers from using the new Evans park as well. If so, we will probably meet someday – as I pay taxes, too – and I’ve had it.

By the way, exactly where do you think is an appropriate place for teenagers to congregate?

Paula Wahlert




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