Congress enables greed

A majority of people in the Occupy Wall Street movement are scared and confused, not knowing really how to vent and focus their frustrations.


Blaming the financial industry for the country’s present economic demise is really only half the issue. Bank policies; hedge fund managers’ manipulation of the free market; the creation of exotic derivatives, etc., could not function if not for congressional legislation by both House and Senate finance and banking committees.

Finance industry lobbyists who control the motivation of both parties’ legislatures passed laws allowing our present economic demise. Only a fool doesn’t realize the present governmental/financial system is in place to benefit the wealthy.

A truly representative government concerned about the welfare of the masses of Americans who can’t afford to make a campaign contribution has long gone the way of the dodo bird. Communism, terrorism, immigration or whatever bogeyman is created to threaten this nation’s prosperity is a phantom excuse.

Our own penchant for greed, and allowing the deep stratifications of wealth distribution through limited access, will be our demise. “Let them eat cake!” Only this time the masses won’t be able to afford the cake batter!

Rodney Hindrew




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