Voters need a real choice

We are approaching a critical point in the future of our country. The Republican Party has in recent years morphed into one abandoning the interests and needs of the less fortunate. It was not always thus.


Destroying the safety net built up over 80 years by both Democratic and Republican support, a fifth of our people could be homeless. I do not think the majority of us want that. At risk are programs such as Social Security; Medicare; food stamps; housing and heating aid; and unemployment compensation. Republicans now also want to ease regulations on bankers and on financial institutions, totally ignoring what caused the crash of 2008. That crash was not in any way the fault of the millions it has destroyed.

Longer-term, with a sixth of us either out of work, at less than full employment or at jobs that pay far less than a living wage, we should put many of them back to work fixing our roads, sewers, schools, etc. That may end up costing less than supporting them in their forced idleness.

The Republican Party should provide challengers to their do-nothing office holders in the upcoming primary. Failing that, the Democrats should field able candidates for all the federal offices on the ballot. For South Carolina readers, we also need to remember that every one of our Republican representatives and our two senators voted against extending the national debt limit, effectively saying they were willing, for the first time ever, to end the full faith and credit of our country’s debt. I suspect the same was largely true also for Georgia.

We citizens need a choice between the ones now in office who care not at all for most of us, and those who will really consider the needs of all of us.

Victor Reilly

Aiken, S.C.



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