Don't scoff at real solutions

The demise of our country is right around the corner, and there are two ruling parties to blame.


I have watched Democrats and the Republicans locked in a battle of wills, each party thinking its way is the best way to lead our country.

As an independent voter and thinker, I believe both parties have run out of ideas on how to run the country because they refuse to think outside the box.

Our country has grown in size, making the needs of many a burden to support. Greed by a few who have transferred their companies outside the United States has left us borrowing money from places such as China, making us a debtor nation.

People scoffed at my idea of partnering up with the steel industry and oil companies on a 50/50 basis. They blogged about my letters, screaming that they didn’t want government in the private sector even though Obama has put more government in said sector than at any time in history.

I suggested that the government invest our money in re-opening steel mills and turning them into recycling plants that can produce raw steel to sell. This would create millions of jobs, but most importantly would generate money that could, if wisely used, pay our way in supporting our government lifting the burden off the backs of the taxpayers.

As for the oil companies, oil drilled on government land owned by the people is being capitalized on by a few. On private land, royalties are paid to the landowner. If we were partners with oil companies on a 50/50 basis, then why couldn’t we use the money for things such as infrastructure or getting a break at the pump?

There will come a time when cutting taxes or taxing the public won’t be options to keep this country running. Robbing Peter to pay Paul and shuffling money around with smoke and mirrors will end – along with our country.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.


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